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Why you can’t listen to the Experts (Ep 29)

I didn’t get a Christmas card from the head of IT – all the other VPs did.

I was on his shit list, and probably deserved it.

We worked in 70 year old company, I wanted to run customer service like a start up right after a B round. He ran IT like the KGB. We were a match made in hell.

I had a running list of initiatives in customer service and he always said no or it will happen some day.

He hated the cloud because he read somewhere that the Cloud will never be good or safe enough for large enterprises.

“I will chain myself to the servers before we ever move to the cloud” he would joke

He had a flair for the dramatic.

Fortunately, I was armed with an 8 figure budget, and a team that could deliver on ROIs I signed them up for. I started moving the contact center technology to the cloud.

I was an early adopter to the cloud because I loved to go fast – the experts were wrong, they didn’t see the likes of Salesforce coming.

On this episode I talk about the next transformative movement powered by Artificial Intelligence. We have the prognosticators predicting how it will go. Put your bullshit meter on high alert.