Client-focused strategies to enhance revenues, drive new and repeat business, and delight your customers


The path to improving your company’s Customer Experience is defined by goals and metrics, guided by an inclusive culture of collaboration from every part of your company, and informed by a strategy of creating an engaged and loyal customer. We offer guidance to help your company achieve this transformation, and reach your goals of increased customer loyalty, more revenue, and enhanced growth.


  1. CX Workshop

BetterXperience’s corporate workshops leave employees feeling inspired. Each workshop is specifically tailored to your company and your industry, and we will take the opportunity to customize the event to address specific challenges and goals you may have. Our Customer Experience workshops are often a springboard for new initiatives that lead to positive results and growth.

  1. CX Speaking

Available for speaking in public venues or to private corporate audiences, Amas gently guides his audience towards action – leaving them with the tools they need to get results. Bringing inspiration, thought leadership and specific details on best practices and Customer Experience strategies, Amas brings out the creativity in his audience, empowering them to take action.

  1. CX Consultancy

The thought leaders at BetterXperience work with companies one-on-one to bring positive transformation with measurable results. Through strategy and mapping, implementation, training, and execution, we are available to help companies of all sizes take full advantage of the benefits that a renewed focus on Customer Experience will bring.

  1. CX Thought Leadership

A thought leader in the area of Customer Experience, Amas Tenumah’s insight is available through his webcasts and blog, his book “The Curated Experience,” and in articles in some of the industry’s leading business publications.