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Your call may be recorded for Comic Relief

Virtually every 1800# you dial has an ominous warning – “Your call may be recorded for quality purposes.”  Half of that statement is true – there are billions of interactions on servers around the world.



These calls are dissected and evaluated but they do little to improve customer outcomes. From what I can tell their best purpose is comic relief for those of us who have worked in contact centers and occasionally they identify extremely bad customer interactions. The problem is the technology has improved but the thinking around Quality assurance hasn’t moved much.

This isn’t an innocuous problem, significant resources at contact centers are devoted to QA largely around manually pecking around looking for random calls to listen to. This approach is a loser and most practitioners instinctively know it. To be sure we did a test spanning ~113,000 calls at a call center. For the pilot group we totally stopped any QA, and compared the results with the control group.

On today’s show, my guest Chris and I throw rocks at Quality assurance and present a few viable alternatives.