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The Damn Millennials are ruining the Customer Experience


One of my clients used to brag about his refusal to hire any more young people – his argument was “the damn millennials were too entitled.”

He would constantly hold up his attrition over the last 5 years as proof.  It was personal for him, he was in online retail and his margins couldn’t handle that kind of turnover.

So I was hired to bring back a strategy to change the make up of his workforce that was at the time 80% millennials.


The data notwithstanding the millennial hypothesis rang like bullshit to me but we studied it, there was a problem for sure, for starters, his employees (regardless of generation) hated working for the company, the laundry list of reasons were all too common.

Probably more striking were certain descriptors used that were louder with the millennials in the data set, words like  inflexible, “without a higher purpose”, and lack of opportunities. So maybe there’s something to the millennial hype.

Are millennials a completely different breed? Are they all bad news for the customer experience?


For some answers, on today’s podcast we have Darren Ford author of the Millennial Challenge to help answer some of these questions.

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