Client-focused strategies to enhance revenues, drive new and repeat business, and delight your customers


The Curated Experience

Amas Tenumah

Amas Tenumah’s book, “The Curated Experience: Engineering Customers Service to Build Loyalty” is the perfect introduction to creating a path to a better Customer Experience. Clearly illustrating the follies and flaws that conventional thinking bring to the table, Amas illustrates with clear examples precisely how the customer center can be transformed from a cost center, to a source of recurring and new revenues and dramatic business growth. Delighting your customers is a solid business strategy, and it delivers solid and measurable results. In his book, Amas Tenumah sets you on the right path towards customer-driven growth with insights, guidance and specific best practices to get you started on your journey.


A must read for anyone that touches the customer directly or makes the decisions that impact those conversations. Tenumah proves out that the experience your customer has with your brand is the make or break moment for your company’s trajectory and gives you the tools and strategies to win customers for life. – Mike Muson, VP Customer Experience, SmartAction

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