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  • BetterXperience, a consultancy created to help your organization reach its full potential and achieve revenue growth. We help you achieve your goals with a transformative look at your customer experience.We are problem-solvers. We guide you to finding the best answers to your most difficult questions. We have helped companies large and small.
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  • Budget cuts looming? Get out of the budget trap that sees Customer Service as an expense, and start thinking of it as a driver of sales and the source of your company’s profits.
  • Has your IT manager presented you with a time-saving automated support system? Don’t do it! It may seem like it will save money, but it will cost you in the end when customers get frustrated and abandon you for the competition. Any automated support system must serve as only a supplement to a unified communications platform that lets your customers communicate with you on their own terms.
  • Think you can’t afford personalized customer service? Think again. How every person in your company interacts with your customers determines whether you are profitable or not. Your Sales, Marketing, and PR departments won’t be effective if the customer interaction isn’t there.
  • Merging companies? One of the biggest obstacles after a successful M&A initiative is defining a new culture, and unifying how the new entity will interact with its customers. We will help with the transition.





Led by Customer Experience thought leader Amas Tenumah, BetterXperience combines a transformative customer experience strategy with data-driven technology. Through hands-on workshops, consulting, and in-depth guides, Amas shows you how to transform your organization and put the Customer Experience at the center of your strategy and corporate culture. The results are fast, measurable, and dramatic.



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